Dwarf Pit Bull Was Locked In A Tiny Cage For Two Years, Rescuers Try To Save His Deformed Legs


If you are someone who is looking for the proper pet and you are considering the pros and cons of bringing a dog home for the first home, you will need to consider the needs of the animal on both a physical and emotional level. When you do not properly care for an animal during the earliest stages of their existence, this can leave the pet with all sorts of issues that they are going to spend the rest of their life attempting to sort out. *Note: This story is from 2012.


Landis the pitbull experienced a difficult beginning to his life and the dog was not allowed to experience freedom for the first two years of his existence. While young dogs are often asked to spend their days inside of a crate and this decision is usually made for their own safety, this poor pup was forced to spend years alone without a proper cage for him to stretch his legs.


The cage was much too small to hold him and the dog is also dwarfed, which is believed to have contributed to the decision to make sure that he remains crated. Fortunately, Landis finally received the help that he needed from the good people at Second Chance Rescue. The poor pup’s legs had become crumpled and without their assistance, his prognosis seemed to be a rather grim one.

Ever since he was removed from the cage that comprised his entire universe, he is now enjoying a wonderful life at the shelter. He resides in the state of Georgia and the shelter has created a Facebook page that allows visitors to keep track of his recovery process. Project Landis has become a major hit and people from all over the country have inquired about the dog’s status as a result.


Landis has overcome the difficult beginning of his life and now enjoys life in ways that he never thought possible before. While he has experienced the type of abuse and neglect that would turn some dogs into more vicious and cold blooded animals, Landis won over the staff at the shelter with his exceedingly kind and pleasant demeanor.


Would you like to find out more about the exploits of the wonderful souls at Second Chance Rescue? If so, be sure to visit their Facebook page and pass this story along to raise awareness about other dogs who find themselves in the same situation at our pal Landis here.