A Man Repaired His House And Found An Underground City For 20 000 People In The Basement


Our life is so unpredictable that it keeps surprising us all the time. The most unusual events are happening when we are not expecting them at all. That is what happened with a man who found something incredible while repairing the house.

This story took place in Cappadocia region in Turkey in 1963. A man decided to renovate his house when he noticed a secret tunnel, which led to an underground city. After some works had been done, specialists proved that this town existed in the past. The name of this town is Derinkuyu. It was a historic city which could inhabit 20 000 people. It was divided into eight different levels. People usually lived in upper levels. In lower levels, there were hospitals and churches.



The city had a complicated ventilation system, which allowed to live both humans and animals underground. Archeologists claim this town was not discovered completely. That means that even mora than 20 000 people could live underground in the past. There are around 50 similar underground cities worldwide. Derinkuyu was connected with another one, Kaymakli, by a 5-mile tunnel.




There are a lot of different guesses concerning the date what this town could be built. Some people say that it was created by Christians during persecutions of Muslims. Massive doors in every room could be the proof of this statement. Other people claim that it was built 4 000 years ago by the ancient civilization of Hittites.

Today the Derinkuyu city is one the most desirable travel destinations for tourists in Turkey. Who knows, maybe your house can also reveal a significant discovery?