A Girl Ate Mango Sitting In The Sun. Now Her Parents Warn Other People About This Danger


Unfortunately, we can’t know all potential health risks, so no one is secured from accidents that happen out of ignorance. We hope that this story will be added to your “safety card” and, maybe, will save someone from harm.

We are talking about citrus fruits and about danger of eating them in the sun.


Little Eliana lives in Florida, USA, and she wasn’t aware about the fact that if you eat a citrus fruit in a sunny day, blisters and burns may appear on skin. This widespread reaction is called phytophotodermatitis and is also named as “meadowgrass dermatitis.”

The reaction happens when one of the components of a plant reacts on the sunlight. The ultraviolet rays may evoke red or purple spots and sometimes even second degree burns. Here, the most dangerous plants are lemons, oranges and mangoes.


“Don’t let your children eat mangoes and other citruses outside. Eliana got an itching wound on her skin, and no one could understand what has happened (considering the fact that she wasn’t staying in the sun for too long, and she was wearing a T-shirt and protective cream). We took her to a doctor and found out that the wound was the result of enzymes’ activity in mango’s juice (and juice of other citruses).

P.S. This is NOT an allergic reactions. This may happen to anyone, especially to people who have sensitive skin.”

It is always useful to know such information to be able to prevent unpleasant accidents.