A 40-Year-Old Man With Obesity Started Singing The Way Nobody Expected


Freddie Combs is a minister from the south and a loving husband who came to The X Factor to show his voice in 2012. Nobody expected anything special, but now he is forever in the history of the show, and not only the show.

His weight was about 500 ponds, and that was after he had already lost 400 pounds after nearly dying from obesity. His wife Kay had to wheel him onto the stage.

Everybody was shocked at first. But he was faster than anybody could react saying “Give a fat boy a chance”. So they did give him a chance to perform Bette Midler’s hit song “Wind Beneath My Wings” which Freddie announced to be dedicated to his wife. Just look and listen why the judges were so surprised!

Combs said that his biggest dream was to give hope to people who are his size to know that they can achieve their dreams. So share this video with those who could use some encouragement.