8 Riddles That Will Help You Tune Your Logical Thinking


When’s the last time you gave your brain a workout? The brain is the most important muscle in the body and it’s the foundation of who you are! So it’s definitely very important that it gets as much attention as the other muscles in your body.

A super quick way to give the brain a quick boost is to solve a few riddles. Riddles can be simple and quick, or longer and require a bit more thought process. Whichever type you prefer, try and fit in a few each day!

Here are eight riddles for you to try out right now. I’ll give you the question first, and the photo following will show the answer so don’t scroll too quickly if you want to play fair! See how many you can get right without cheating.
1. A grandpa was telling his grandson a story. He told him that during the first world war, he managed to pick up a grenade while it was alight and throw it away right before it exploded. When the war concluded he was awarded a sword engraved ‘Awarded for Bravery and Valour, a True Hero, World War 1’ When the story concluded, the grandson said ‘that can’t be true!’ how did he know?

2. If you have two hourglasses, one that time, one at 7 minutes and the other at 11, what would be the fastest way to time the boiling of an egg for 15 minutes?


3. A man has locked his computer using a password. His wife suspects he is hiding something when she finds a series of phrases in a hint box. Using the following information, she got the correct password. What is it? 4 grapes, 7 bananas, 2 pineapples, 1 apple, 7 mangoes, 1 orange, 8 pomegranates.


4. Fill in the blank. Andrews is the son of Rita. Rita is the _________ of Andrew’s mother.


5. What is something that a cow has four of but a girl has five? Think carefully.


6. How can it be possible that Sierra is standing behind Giselle and Giselle is also standing behind Sierra?


7. Nick has always been sure to treat his sons equally. After he passes he plans on dividing his land to them. The problem is, the land is unevenly shaped and it wouldn’t be possible to divide it into two equal halves. Can you think of a solution?


8. Can you think of what three letters can be used to turn a girl into a woman?


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